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Tracing phone numbers involves identifying the owner, subscriber or user linked to a cell phone, land line, fax-2-email, satellite or VoIP telephone number. With only a telephone number, Intertel's tracing agents can almost always identify the person (or people) that are linked to that number, and once identified can supply you with the person's names and surname, identity number (if South African) or passport number and date of birth (if a foreigner), and a street address - and that is the bare minimum. Any additional information that might be available would be included at no extra cost. This could include banking details, other contact numbers, employment information and spouse details.

How you can trace a number right now

If you want to trace a number you're literally just a few clicks away from getting the information you need. Its quick and easy. Here's how:

  • Choose what type of number you want to trace from the options below
  • Then, on the next screen, add the details that are requested
  • Choose how to pay: credit card, EFT, bitcoin or uKash (prices are listed below).
  • Complete the payment process
  • Check your email for the trace results (turnaround time is estimated below).

Cases that require in-depth tracing

Tracing a phone number is useful for many situations, but there are also a few situations that hardly ever benefit from tracing the person or people linked to a particular number. Those situations generally involve fraud (or similar types of criminal activity) and harassment (including cyberstalking, cyberbullying and other antisocial or inappropriate behaviour). If a person acted on impulse and with no premeditation - perhaps sending a hurtful or threatening message to a rival in a moment of anger or jealousy then there's a good chance that they failed to think things through enough to consider the possibility that their actions might trigger an investigation (whether formal or informal) and that any investigation would need to begin with the telephone number used. We often find that this type of emotionally-based harassment begins n any event, plans to use a specific phone number to commit a crime, engage in inappropriate communications or undertake any kind of activity that would likely cause them trouble (whether it is trouble with the law, at work, in their social circles or within the family unit) then it is reasonable to expect them to precautionary steps to prevent their identity and location from being discovered. This is particularly true of fraudsters and online scammers who

In our experience, it is very rare for a person to knowingly use a telephone that is registered to them or that can be linked to them, their place of residence or place of employment. Exceptions to this are most often found in harassment matters - especially in cases where the harasser was impaired or intoxicated at the time, or where they acted on impulse and without considering the possible consequences of their action. Very seldom do scammers and fraudsters act on impulse. Their actions are usually planned ahead and take into account the likelihood that criminal investigators will endeavour to track them down.

Because of this, we have developed methods of investigating harassment and fraud/scam matters that do not require the harasser or scammer to be connected to the telephone number that was used. We'd obviously still check the number, but whether or not it is linked to the correct person makes no difference to the success of our investigation.

Please select one of the options below if you are being (or have been) harassed or if you have been scammed by someone and would like to trace the person using only a telephone number.


(average price R2,500.00)

If you are receiving obscene, insulting, disturbing, harassing, threatening or otherwise unwanted calls or messages from a phone number you don't recognize then click the button below.

Tracing Harassers


(average price R2,750.00)

If you have been scammed, conned, defrauded or are the victim of an organized (non-opportunistic) crime and you have a telephone number linked to that crime then click the button below.

Tracing Scammers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Intertel trace phone numbers?

Having been in this business for over 20 years, and with information being the lifeblood of much of the work we do, we've mastered the art of identifying, locating and secure access to reliable sources of information. As importantly, we've learned how to search and retrieve that information in both a legal manner and in a way that does not diminish the value of that information or its usefulness. Additionally, Intertel subcribes to a host of cellphone number ownership databases (including prepaid cell numbers), local and international reverse phone number lookup services, unlisted land line telephone directories and countless VoIP, Fax-to-Email and other internet-based telephone number whitepages and databases, and can therefore retrieve information in most cases at the press of a button. This not only drastically reduces turnaround time but enables us to attend to bulk tracing assignments. If you have a bulk tracing requirement then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What can I do with the information?

With specific regard to telephone number information, some of our sources are publicly accessible, freely available.databases, some are commercial pay-per-use and subscription services, and some are accessed through a memorandum of understanding or other arrangement by which we may be granted full or limited access to specific information under certain circumstances. No information is obtained through bribery or corruption of employees, officials or agents of any company, government department or other entity. Additionally, no information sources are accessed without authorization and no information is stolen. Although you would not be able to publish the information we provide you, or present it as admissible as evidence in court, it will not prevent you from making effective use of it in both criminal or civil matters. You are able to share that information if it is necessary to further the ends of justice, to exercise a right, to defend or protect a life or property that is under threat, or to serve the public interest. An important thing to remember is that it is possible for a telephone number to be registered in someone else's name or with a bogus name, and that the person identfied by ourselves may not in fact be the person that you're looking for. Please don't take any action against any person we identify until you have verified that they are in fact the correct person. Falsely accusing someone of something could land you in serious trouble.

How quickly can a phone number be traced?

In most cases, our tracing agents are able to obtain details of the registered owner, subscriber or user linked to a specific cell phone or landline telephone number simply by consulting electronic databases, and the turnaround time for most cell or telephone number ownership traces can be counted in minutes (of course, what takes minutes to do in theory could end up taking hours to do in practise if our tracing agents are attending to a large volume of enquiries at the time. Also, since they rely on databases and systems controlled by external organizations, the availabilty of and our tracing agents' access to those systems cannot always be assured and this could delay things further). For more complex enquiries, such as satellite phone numbers and some VoIP numbers you can expect a waiting time of a few days.

What else can I try if you can't trace the telephone number?

There are instances where the telephone number in question is either not listed at all on any of our investigation databases or the ownership information that is available is incomplete, outdated or plain wrong. This is often the case with harassment and crime-related matters (such as online fraud or internet scams) for which we offer a more specialized investigative service that uses more expensive but far more effective techniques and technology to track the person down. For more information scroll back up toward the top of this page.

Surely with RICA all cell phone numbers can be traced?

Yes, they can all be traced, but whether the person that is the registered "owner" of a number is the person that you're looking for is another issue altogether. You see, despite identification being required when registering a SIM card under the RICA Act, people who intend to use a phone number for inappropriate or criminal purposes can circumvent the system by either providing fraudulent identification documentation, having someone else register on their behalf, purchasing a phone number that has already been registered in someone else's name (genuinely or fraudulently), or by bribing the person responsible for registering the phone number.

The good news is that in the case of cell phone numbers, even if the registration information is completely bogus, it does not mean that the person using the cell number cannot be traced. We have a number of resources at our disposal that can be used to great effect in linking a person to a cell number that is registered to someone else. For further details please see "tracing harassers" or "tracing scammers" above.

Do other types of telephone number also need to be registered?

In most countries, telecommunications operators (including online service providers) are domestically regulated, and are usually required to either verify the identity of the user, validate an email address or cell phone number, or at the very least to log the user's IP addresses and points of contact. This information can sometimes be requested in terms of the service provider's acceptable use policy, in terms of Freedom of Information or other legislation, or by court order or subpoena.

Any phone number can be traced back to its respective service provider or telecommunications operator, provided the number that you believe the communication originated from is the actual number that was used (yes, numbers can be spoofed quite easily).