Tracing People

Tracing the current, verified whereabouts, residence and/or employment of missing or sought persons.

Tracing people, whether they're missing, hiding or their location is simply not known, is what gets Intertel's tracers out of bed in the morning, and finding missing people - especially kids - is what keeps us going for days at a time   Jessica Lambert, Tracing Agent, Intertel Durban
tracing people


    Intertel specializes in locating elusive individuals that have not as yet been successfully traced by other investigation companies or tracing agents.   We're not suggesting that Intertel is any better at tracing than these other companies - we may or may not be - but we do take a different approach to tracing than is the norm, and that approach allows us to invest more time, money, human and other resources in each trace - thereby increasing our success rate well beyond a regular tracing agency.

    Tracing agencies generally charge a modest fee per successful trace and operate on a no-trace, no-charge basis.   They are incentivized to cherry pick the easy cases, and to invest as little time and energy as possible into each matter so as to keep running costs at the bare minimum.   We are not a tracing agency and that is not how we do business.

    We approach every matter with the intention of solving it, and since every case is unique, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all price for tracing.  Each matter is assessed and a budget is agreed upon before we begin.

    You will be billed in a transparent manner and our fee will be a fair reflection of our cost in terms of money, time, energy, resources and expertise. Our profit will be earned.


    We invite tracing assignments involving the following missing or sought persons:

    • Missing Persons
    • Runaways
    • Debtors
    • Defaulters
    • Absconders
    • Bilkers
    • Witnesses
    • Wanted Persons
    • Persons of Interest
    • Fugitives
    • Heirs
    • Successors
    • Beneficiaries
    • Childhood Friends and Sweethearts
    • Adoptive and Biological Relatives


Before we begin a tracing assignment, we need to make certain that the person we intend to locate is the same person that you are looking for, and not someone else by the same name or general description.   We therefore require a sufficient amount of personal information about the person being sought to make a positive identification.  Although we've worked with less and been successful, we cannot guarantee success unless we're provided with at least one of the options below.

 The person's correct South African Identity Number
 South African Passport Number
 Foreign Passport Number, Country of Issue and Full Names
 Full Names and Date of Birth
 Full Names, Partial Date of Birth and Approximate Age
 Full Names, Approximate Age and Last Known Address and Telephone Number
 Surname, Initials and Date of Birth
 Surname, Initials and Partial Date of Birth and Approximate Age
 Surname, Approximate Age and Last Known Address and Telephone Number
 Surname and Partial Names Only
 Name and Maiden Name Only
 Surname and Initials Only
 Only a Last Known Address
 Only a Last Known Telephone Number
 Anything less than above


We receive a large number of tracing requests each week, and in order to prioritize our tracing workload and meet our commitments to each client, you will be asked to select an appropriate priority level for the trace request you submit.  With an increase in priority there is a obvious increase in price.  This is to ensure that only truly urgent matters are ever placed before other matters.

Below is an explanation of our priority levels, how they are attended to in relation to one another and what the average completion time frames of each are:



    Price: Base (regular) Price
    Completion: 2-4 Weeks

    These tracing assignments are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis and Routine traces will be completed or closed in the same order in which they were received unless they're put on hold.



    Base Price + 50%
    Completion: 1-2 Weeks

    Prompt traces are attended to before any Routine trace -- however -- a Prompt trace will only be attended to once the previously received Prompt trace has been completed, closed or put on hold.



    Base Price + 200%
    Completion: 2-4 Days

    Immediate traces are attended to before any Prompt trace -- but -- Immediate traces will only be attended to once the previously received Immediate trace has been completed, closed or put on hold.


As much as we'd love to be able to say "Yes, we can" the reality is that we're unable to conduct tracing in most parts of the world - especially in many African, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Central and South American countries for various reasons including political instability, regional conflict or a simply due to a lack of reliable local resources and contacts.   We can definitely accept tracing matters in the regions and countries marked in green and have had limited success in locating individuals in the areas marked in orange.

  • tracing map
    • North America: including the USA and Canada
    • Central and South America: Peru, Mexico
    • Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi
    • Europe: All European Union countries
    • Middle East: Israel, Jordan, UAE
    • Asia: India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea
    • Australasia: Australia, New Zealand
    • Other: Iceland