Infidelity Investigations

If you've found your way here because you are trying to uncover the truth about your significant other's suspected infidelity or to catch your suspected cheater red-handed, then Welcome!. You are at the right place. We are here to help you gather the proof you need so that you are empowered to make the best decisions about your future - whether you simply need to get closure and move on, whether you wish to confront your partner, or whether you intend to use that evidence in court. Read on if you need to catch a cheating spouse or partner.

infidelity investigations

Are your suspicions true?

Suspicions of Infidelity
Is he dreaming about me or her?

Having suspicions, no matter how convincing, is no substitute for the truth. Over the past two decades we've helped countless husbands, wives, fiances, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends take a giant leap of faith from that dark place of uncertainty, insecurity and suspicion into our world - one of clarity, of facts, and of truth. We can help you confirm or refute your suspicions, enable you to take control of the situation, and help you overcome this terrible ordeal - whichever way the facts lead.

How Intertel catches cheaters...

Much has changed over the twenty-plus years that we've been successfully catching cheaters - most importantly, new technology has been developed that provides one with novel and more cost-effective ways of monitoring a person's every move, every word and every deed. Examples of this technology include cell phone monitoring and computer spy software, cell phone tracking, vehicle tracking, concealed and disguised cameras and bugs.

Not only has this technology enabled our investigators to solve cases quicker and cheaper, but because these technologies are generally easy to deploy and use, they have enabled one to conduct one's own investigation, and as a result, Intertel now offers you a choice:

  1. We can do the work for you. Our experienced investigators and surveillance agents will obtain the evidence you need to prove or refute your suspicions and we can catch your cheating partner or spouse for you, or
  2. We can assist you to prove or disprove your suspicions and enable you to catch your cheater by yourself by providing you with the tools and techniques (and support) that would best suit your circumstances.

surveillance agent for infidelity investigationsUsing technology and good-old-fashioned detective work (including surveillance) we are able to expose ongoing extra-marital affairs and investigate past infidelity.

We focus on uncovering the truth and presenting the facts in an objective, honest manner, so that you can protect your interests and make sound decisions regarding your future and that of the person in question.

We are able to bring an enormous number of resources and capabilities to bear, and can not only monitor your spouse or partner's communications, activities, movements and interactions, but can infiltrate their personal life to such an extent that we will be able to deliver insight into their plans, intentions and even motivations - regardless of the measures that your spouse or partner has taken to conceal their activities. All infidelity investigations are approached with an open mind, and treated with the utmost sensitivity and discretion. We will tailor an investigation that meets your specific requirements and that fits within your budget and time-frame.

Infidelity Investigations that Deliver Results

Our methodology is quite simple - we will employ the appropriate combination of the following products and services in order to monitor the movements, communications, activities, interactions and behaviour of person in question. Once we have insight into the person's habits and patterns and so forth, we would begin focusing in on those times and places that are most likely to be spent engaging in inappropriate or prohibited activities and behaviour. Using experienced surveillance agents, we will then capture court-admissable video or photographic evidence of any questionable activities with the aim to compile an overwhelming and irrefutable collection of visual (and other) evidence - one that simply cannot be explained away or lied out of.

These sorts of services and products can be used. The starting prices are listed for each item. For a comprehensive quote, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the age.

From R350 per hour
Observe and record movements, activities, interactions and behaviour
Cellphone Monitoring
From R550 per month
Monitor voice calls, messaging, chats and internet activity. Not available in all countries
Computer Monitoring
From R1250 per year
Monitor emails, social networking, internet activity. Not available in all countries
Vehicle Tracking
From R3000 to buy
Monitor real-time movements and location of vehicle(s). Not available in all countries
Cellphone Tracking
From R450 per year
Track movements and location via GPS. Not available in all countries
Hidden Cameras
From R1750 to buy
Record visible activities taking place when you're not around
Listening Devices
From R1750 to buy
Bug rooms and vehicles, and record telephone conversations;
Truth Verification
From R450 per test
Polygraph & Voice Stress Analysis, Silent Talker and Statement Analysis

Surveillance Report
Sample Surveillance Report

At the end of our investigation we would provide you with a full written report that contains audio/video/photographic evidence of any adulterous or inappropriate activities discovered, and since our evidence would be obtained in a legal manner, it will be irrefutable and you will be able to use that evidence to great effect in any subsequent court proceedings.

Apart from this and aside from the fact that we would enable you to get on with your life by doing all the necessary work on your behalf, a major advantage of this approach is that the matter will be handled by experienced and professional investigators and surveillance agents who are masters at not being detected. This is critical - especially if you are not certain of your suspicions - as you may never wish for your partner or spouse to learn of this investigation. An obvious drawback is that this approach would be more costly than doing it yourself since you'd be paying for the time and expertise of our professional detectives and spousal surveillance agents.

How Intertel can help you catch a cheater yourself...

We can provide you with the tools, technology and techniques needed for you to prove or disprove your suspicions and uncover the truth yourself. We would assess your suspicions, your circumstances and your budget and then suggest the most suitable combination of products and tactics for you.

Catch a cheater in the actBesides the fact that this approach is more cost-effective, a major advantage is that you can keep details of your private affairs to yourself. No one else need know about your situation besides you and whoever you choose to tell (not that we'd ever say anything to anyone). The problem is that you may not be able to use all the evidence you uncover in court - unless you're aware of the legalities concerning the gathering and handling of evidence. If you intend to use such evidence in court then you should consult with your attorney beforehand to make sure that any evidence you obtain will be admissible.

  • Input from an Intertel Insider

    Catching a cheating spouse (or an unfaithful fiancee, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend) is simple, provided they are actually having an ongoing affair. Exposing the infidelity (or even catching your loved one red handed) can bery often be accomplished without the services and expense of a private investigator (sorry boss). For more information about starting a DIY investigation on your own, take a look through our resources pages or contact us directly.

    There are obviously many reasons why one should hire a professional investigator as opposed to doing-it-yourself. The most obvious one is that an investigator's experience is something that cannot be taught or learned overnight, and that experience is one of the most vital elements of any investigation - it is certainly something that cannot be replaced by anything but luck, regardless how what tools an amateur has at his/her disposal. It isn't that a seasoned investigator has developed supernatural powers or anything, but there's no doubt that they have definitely honed their senses, sharpened their minds and learned to observe and take note of details that would be completely overlooked by you or I. Its true what they say, "practise makes perfect" and the more one spends investigating infidelity, the more one is able to pick up on signals that would be undetectable by the average person.

    It is that experience that will tell an investigator when to back off while following a person and to avoid the pitfalls of being detected, exposed and compromised. These lessons were very often learned the hard way and have only been perfected from years (and in some cases decades) of experience.

    It is also that experience that will enable an investigator to gather information and evidence that can actually be used in legal proceedings. It ensures that at no time are anyones rights being violated or any laws being broken, and that every action is justified both legally and morally. Apart from a no-nonsense Internal code of conduct, our investigators are held to account for their actions by the Private Security Industries Regulatory Authority, and the various national and international associations and organizations that they are affiliated to or members of.

    These credentials are what we would call credibility multipliers. If, for example, you intended to use visual evidence obtained by yourself in divorce proceeding against your cheating spouse, you would be cross eximined by opposing counsel, possibly questioned directly by the magistrate or judge and you would need to convince the court that the evidence is genuine, that it is original and has not been tampered with, that you are in fact the person that obtained it, how and where it was obtained, hhow the evidence was handled, secured, preserved, etc, what methods were used to process that evidence, and the list goes on. That would determine whether or not the evidence could be used as evidence, but it doesn't mean that the court would afford that evidence any weight in consideration of the judgement. That is where experience and credibility comes in. If asked what prior experience you have, what training and education you've received related to the actions you took to obtain the evidence, it does not instill much confidence to reply 'none'. Contrast that now with an experience infidelity investigator that has 20 years practical experience in catching cheatings spouses, and prior to that obtained criminal justice and law enforcement training, and that is a member in good standing of reputable, respected institutions and you can begin to see the advantage of using a professional.

    Just so you're aware, I'm not an investigator. I work at our support center and our role is simply to be your champion. We are, in effect, paid by Intertel to work for you while Intertel handles your case. Dealing with investigators directly can be very frustrating - especially if you're going through a difficult time and feel that you have nowhere really to turn. Its not that our investigators are rude or mean, they're all decent people, its that they're dedicated and focused on resolving an issue, solving a problem or answering a question. And that they do incredibly well. Thats where we come in. We know how to deal with each person at Intertel, especially how to communicate your requirements to the right people to satisfy them, and then to give you feedback when you require it (and in plain old language and not technical investigator jargon.

    • Infidelity Assessments

      We've compiled a number of interesting resources that you might find helpful in understanding your own situation and the dynamics of what you're currently going through. Among these are various online quizzes and exercises that can give you a better sense of what other people have felt and believed in their times of suspicion and distrust, and how that compared to your circumstances should give you a little more certainty in your suspicions or a little more belief in the innocence of your significant other. Enjoy.


    • From an investigator's perspective...

      Just in case you were wondering, our infidelity investigators do not enjoy seeing relationships torn apart by disloyalty and deception and our spousal surveillance agents in particular do not take personal joy in catching a cheater in the act. We understand the pain and misery that goes along with every success we have, but we do this work because:

      1. We believe that you have the right to know the truth,
      2. We enjoy outsmarting dishonest people,
      3. We believe in the value of loyalty (and therefore despise betrayal),
      4. We're exceptionally good at what we do and we get better with each experience,
      5. And to be doing anything else with our lives would be a waste of our talents.
    • Why I needed a Private Investigator

      I had that suspicion in my gut but couldn't go any further. My ex-husband had the only car and worked shift work so I couldn't tell if he was really at work or not. Friends would tell me they saw him out with other women but never enough information that I could confront him. When I did he would say the women were colleagues and they had a few drinks after work. I could never catch him out and he was always one step ahead.

      Uncover the truth before it is too late

      catch a cheater before its too lateI know this probably sounds obvious to most people, but when you're trapped in a deceitful relationship you never really know which way is up, and it is critical to find out the truth before it is too late. It is not only to save one the humiliation and embarassment of having one's unfaithful spouse's business become the talk of the town, but also to regain control of a situation that would otherwise be firmly in the grasp of a cheat.