How it works

Its not rocket science, really. CellSpy itself is highly advanced software, but how it works is quite simple. Let Bobby explain...

How do I buy CellSpy?

Buying CellSpy couldn't be easier. You can pay by credit card, via EFT or bank transfer. Just click on the button below or the BUY NOW link on the menu at the top of the page, choose your payment method and follow the on-screen instructions.


You can also buy a copy of the software on DVD, USB flash drive or MicroSD card, remote installation assistance, and priority support on the same page.

When do I get my software?

As soon as your payment has been received then our support team will email you everything you need to get started with the installation of CellSpy.

We'll also send you contact details for our support team so that you know where to turn if you need any assistance whatsoever.

For Android devices, iPhones and iPads, we may ask you for specific information about that device so that we can send you personalized rooting or jailbreaking instructions. Please check your email after purchase.

How do I install CellSpy?

Installation differs from phone to phone. Check that your child's or employee's phone is compatible before buying CellSpy - see COMPATIBILITY or click here to check. You will open the web browser on the target device (or Cydia on an iPhone/iPad), type in a download link that we provide with your purchase and the software will download automatically.

After the software has downloaded onto the target phone it will install itself and you will be asked to provide an email address (which will also become your username for your online control panel). You will then add your monitoring preferences and close the application so that it can automatically hide itself. Your web control panel login details will then be emailed to the email address you provided.

Can it be done remotely?

Yes, installation can be done remotely by one of our technicians, but please note that this service is not available for all phone models and most importantly, that you will still need to have access to your child's or employee's phone - we'll just do most of the work for you. The remote installation service can be purchased with CellSpy or afterwards and costs R350.00.

In addition to the remote installation service, you are able to have an Android device remotely rooted by a company in the United States. The cost is $39 and their website can be accessed by clicking this link: remote rooting service.

How do I get help with CellSpy?

Free support is available for assistance with the downloading, installation and setup of CellSpy. Free support is available during working hours only via email and Live Chat using the details below:


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What is priority support?

Priority support gives you round-the-clock access to technical support and products experts. It also entitles you to telephonic support and after-hours assistance. With priority support you will be assigned your own personal customer support liaison who will see to any requests, questions, issues or problems you have.

Priority support is not required by all customers and is generally aimed at customers who are not tech savvy or who may require special assistance at odd hours. Priority support can be purchased along with CellSpy or at any time it is required.

Must Android phones be Rooted?

It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. Rooting the phone will not only enable a few of the more advanced features like full capture of Whatsapp, Gmail, Facebook Messenger capture and Spy Call, but it will enable CellSpy to be better hidden and to run more reliably in the background.

The only downside of rooting the device is that it may add a few minutes to your installation time - but it is not a difficult process. In fact, it can even be done remotely for you at an additional cost. See for rooting guides or visit for details of the remote rooting service

Must iPhones/iPads be Jailbroken?

Normally, Yes, but there is also an option that doesn't require jailbreaking on some devices. We have a "no-jailbreak required" version available for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c running iOS 6-8 but it is not recommended unless you are unwilling or unable to jailbreak the target device. The reason is simple: the "no-jailbreak required" version costs double the amount and only provides around a quarter of the features.

Jailbreaking isn't a complicated process. You'll need a few minutes of time, a USB cable and a computer. You'll download jailbreaking software onto the computer, plug the phone in and the software will do all the work for you. See for jailbreaking guides.

Can I change SIM cards?

Yes, you are able to change SIM cards in the target phone without any problem as long as the SIM card has airtime, data bundles or some subscription that enables it to connect to a mobile network and send/receive data.

Theoretically a SIM card is not even required for captured data to be sent to you. On newer devices, CellSpy is able to connect via WiFi or any virtual access point or hotspot and send data without using the mobile network at all. This is a great stealth feature.

Can I use CellSpy on Multiple Phones?

No, your purchase of CellSpy entitles you to monitor one specific device only. Using CellSpy on multiple devices is not permitted and your service may be terminated without notice.

If your target device no longer in use and you wish to monitor a replacement device then you would need to buy a replacement license. HOWEVER, we'll use whatever profit we might have made from your second purchase to provide you with additional time for your new license. How much extra time you will get depends on which license you purchased to begin with. Basically we don't want to profit unfairly from you and many of our replacement options will end up giving you even more time that you'd have ended up paying for. Click here to get more information .

If your original license was for 3 months

  • Solution 1
    If you purchase a new 3 month license then we will add the number of full unused months left on your old license to your new license. The old license will still be available to use on the original target phone for the remainder of that license.
  • Solution 2
    If you purchase a new 6 month or 1 year license then we will double that license period, so you would get either a 1 year or 2 year license. The old license would be forfeited.

If your original license was for 6 months

  • Solution 1
    If you purchase a new 6 month license then we will add the number of full unused months left on your old license to your new license. You will still have the full benefit of the old license for the remainder of the license period.
  • Solution 2
    If you purchase a new 1 year license then we will double that license period, so you would get a 2 year license for the price of a 1 year license. The old license would be forfeited.

If your original license was for 1 year

  • Solution
    If you purchase a new 1 year license then we will either
    1. add the number of full unused months left on your old license to your new license (and you'd still be able to use the old license on the original target phone), or
    2. we'll double the new license so that you get 2 years for the price of 1 (but the original license will not be available to use).

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