How to verify a VAT registration number

South African Revenue Service

Fraud and tax-evasion are first cousins. It is always a good idea to verify a vendor’s VAT-registration status before finalizing any transaction. If you thought that this information is confidential you’d be wrong. In 2001 the VAT Act was amended and Section 6(2)(e) of that Act paved the way for the names and registration numbers of vendors to be made publicly available. On the South African Revenue Services website one is able to enter a VAT registration number to check its validity or one can enter a vendor’s name and verify whether they are VAT registered. Here’s how to go about it:

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How to defeat Mobile Spy Software

How not to get bugged

We do not tolerate the illegal or unethical use of our remote smartphone monitoring software products like CellSpy, Guardian, MzanziSpy and others, and neither should you. If you believe that someone other than your employer or a parent may want to monitor your movements or communications then you can prevent them from doing so by following these simple suggestions

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How to identify Spy Software Scams

Bogus Spyware Scams

Competitive intelligence (“CI”) is a vital business activity that every company should be engaged in, to some degree or another, in order to remain competitive. With CellSpy, the top-rated child and employee monitoring app, being our most popular product, the lion’s share of our CI budget is devoted to the detection of new spyware products and the monitoring of existing spyware vendors. An integral part of that CI effort is the purchasing of competing spyware products for examination and analysis. All but a handful of those purchases are made online, from websites accessible to the general public.

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Mobile Security Guide 1/10 – Close the Doors

Mobile Security - Close the Doors

Whether it was nicked out of your bag by the office kleptomaniac, fell out of your pocket while climbing off the train, or was taken at gunpoint by a street thug, it doesn’t change the fact that losing a mobile phone really sucks. For some, the loss is financial, especially if the device was purchased on credit and not yet paid off. For others, losing the information that was stored on the phone is far more devastating than losing the device itself.

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One way to become a Private Investigator

Become a detective

What would a private investigation blog be without an article about how to become a private investigator? Technically it would still be a private investigation blog I guess, but here we go anyways. For some, becoming a private investigator was (or is) the natural, perhaps inevitable, next phase in their career after having served in the police, military or intelligence services.

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Check the Status of an Estate Agent or Agency

Estate Agents

This is a common request: how can I check if an Estate Agent is registered or if an Estate Agency is reputable. We often hear about scams involving the sale/purchase or renting of property, and in most instances, a quick check could have prevented the transaction from going ahead. Since we’re not in the business of selling information that can be obtained elsewhere at no cost, here’s how you can check the status of an Estate Agent or Estate Agency…

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How to defeat Phishing attempts

Defeat Phishing

If you’re asking yourself “what the #$%@ is phishing?” then you should probably read on because phishing could potentially cost you your life savings, your identity, your job, your marriage and even your freedom. Although it’s pronounced fishing this has nothing to do with catching phish. If anything, it has to do with catching people.

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Check the Status of a Non-Profit Organization

Homeless Man Sign

How often have you had someone approach you on the street or knock on your door requesting a donation for some or other cause? They’ll flash a letter or show you some document attached to a clipboard, you’ll glance at at it, perhaps even read it, and then you’ll either fork out a few bucks or not. Its no big deal if you’re only shelling out pocket change, but What if you or your company are being asked for a larger amount of money? It happened to a customer today – hence this Quick Tip.

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Reputation Management – Interview for RiskSA Magazine

Reputation Management

Intertel runs a thriving reputation management business, Intertrust, that is well regarded in the industry and attracts high profile individuals and businesses in need of professional reputation management, disaster mitigation and brand rehabilitation assistance. On 14 November 2014 our managing director, Brett Powell, was interviewed for an article in the RiskSA Magazine regarding reputation management, with a specific focus on the hospitality industry. Below is a transcript of that interview – the questions asked and the answers provided.

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