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Helene Swart

Helene is the Operations Director of Intertel Investigations, and was responsible for setting up Intertel's B-HIVES office that deals exclusively with Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation, Victimization, Extortion and Stalking cases. Helene's areas of expertise are profiling, tracking and tracing.

How to identify Spy Software Scams

Bogus Spyware Scams

Competitive intelligence (“CI”) is a vital business activity that every company should be engaged in, to some degree or another, in order to remain competitive. With CellSpy, the top-rated child and employee monitoring app, being our most popular product, the lion’s share of our CI budget is devoted to the detection of new spyware products and the monitoring of existing spyware vendors. An integral part of that CI effort is the purchasing of competing spyware products for examination and analysis. All but a handful of those purchases are made online, from websites accessible to the general public.

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