remote surveillance

Remote Surveillance

CellSpy's Guardian version lets you listen to and view activities taking place in the target phone's vicinity. Know more about what your child or employee is actually doing.


SpyCall is an old favourite. This feature allows you to listen into background audio and conversations live, in real-time by dialling into the target device and remotely activating the microphone. It will be as if the target user forgot to hang up the phone after a call. You will know if your child is really at a friend's house and not a night club or if your employee is genuinely sick in bed or actually out fishing.

spy call

Background Recording

CellSpy now lets you record background audio. This provides the same monitoring coverage as a SpyCall but without the need to actually dial in and listen to the background audio. Instead, CellSpy will silently activate the microphone and record the background sounds. That audio will be streamed to your web control panel and stored for you to listen to at your own convenience.

audio recording

Record Mic After Calls

Being able to hear what is being said after a voice call is an exclusive feature of CellSpy. You can select specific numbers to monitor, and whenever a call is made to or received by one of those numbers, CellSpy will automatically record audio from the microphone the moment the call has ended. Hear what the target person says to others in the vicinity (or to themselves) after those calls.

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Remote Video Capture

Remotely trigger the target phone's active camera and capture video without the user's knowledge. Useful as a nanny-cam and also a valuable tool to verify if the user is where they claim to be. Recorded video is uploaded to your web account and can be viewed directly through your web browser or downloaded to your computer for viewing on any multimedia device. Video can also be geotagged so you know where it was captured.

After Call Recording

Remote Photo Capture

With CellSpy, the target phone can be set to capture images from the active camera on demand (by sending hidden SMS commands to the target phone or directly from your web control panel) or you can set the target phone to take a snapshot at any interval of your choosing (e.g. a photo every 15 minutes or once a day at 3pm). Photos are sent to your web account and can be viewed on your mobile phone or computer.

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